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Pest Control Services

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Pest Control Services

We provide the best Pest Control Services in Kathmandu,  We are one of the certified pest control services providers in Kathmandu. We don’t compromise any type of pest in our customer’s house.


How do we provide our pest control services?

Our pest control worker starts by sanitizing and cleaning the whole area like carpets, rugs, curtains, and clothing. Then our pest control stats removing and clearing the whole area.

Then the chemical is sprayed. Our Pest Control Worker use special kits for their protection. After the chemical is sprayed in the cleaning areas it is important to keep everything dry including kitchen sinks.


We take very careful precaution measures before providing the service:


–   We Make sure to clear and remove  items from the area to be treated


–    We also make sure to relocate or move the pets out of the service area


–   For 4- 6 hours of treatment we make sure the treated area is evacuated.


–   We make sure to provide prior information regarding the chemical that is being used and how it could affect children, allergies, and pregnancy and make sure no one is affected.


Why choose us for pest control services?


1.   Our Pest Controller Are Aery Skilled and Trained

We have very skilled technicians who know the procedure of pest control. We know the perils and hazards of pest control so we are very much aware and thoughtful not to let your well-being. health and safety slide.

Our aptitude and abilities guarantee the security of your family.


2. We only use modern technologies

We have an eye for the best devices and tools of pest control all throughout the planet. We realize what can make this work powerful and productive and we use it supposedly.

Hence we provide the best training to our professionals on the new devices and strategies that emerge on the market and afterward, we use it so we offer the best pest control services by the day’s end.


3. Overseeing/ Supervision

We continually administer/oversee the works of our specialists so that nothing gets out of ours hands. We ensure that the services offered by our talented and trained professionals are awesome on the market.


4. Environment Friendly

Since the vast majority of us are currently worried about the environment, we assuredly don’t have any desire to harm the environment.

Subsequently, Facility Services, remembering environment protection, utilizes chemicals that are harmless to the ecosystem. This doesn’t contaminate the water source, land as well as air.


5.  Follow up

We continually follow up with our clients so their concern about pests is settled with the use of our service. This additional exertion ensures that none of our clients are disappointed by the service that we give.



What kind of pest control services we provide?

  1. Rhodents Rodents or mice:  This is a problem that every office and house in Nepal is facing nowadays. Rodent eats up your kitchen food or they might also eat your important documents.

They are also infected with diseases such as bubonic plague, tularemia, salmonella, and more.

Facility Services works with you with keeping these rodents out of your everyday living by utilizing different tools and procedures that won’t influence you in a negative manner by any stretch of the imagination.

Our skilled exterminators know precisely how to deal with the circumstance, catch the rat and keep them well away from the span of your home or office space.

  1. cockroaches Insets and bugs: We offer types of assistance in terminating various types of bugs like cockroaches, termites, mosquitos, insects, and more.


To book your services for pest control in Kathamandu contact us through emailing us at or directly call us on +014791239 or +9779851001728

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