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Carpet Cleaning in Kathmandu

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Carpet Cleaning in Kathmandu

With a professional service of Carpet Cleaning in Kathmandu, we make sure your carpets look fresh and last longer.


Whenever you step inside a house or office, you start noticing the interior. The first thing a person normally notices is the carpet (if there is any). So, it is natural that you need to maintain the freshness and cleanliness of your carpet.


Our professional carpet cleaning services give your home, office or organization the professional look it deserves.

Most of the carpet gets damaged and needs replacing prematurely because of dirt and soil combined with rubbing from foot traffic.


The dust and stains accumulate in your carpet over time which causes degradation of the carpet fiber. As a result, it may affect your carpet or even cause irreparable damage.


Facility Service provides commercial carpet cleaning services to get rid of such problems.

Our deep cleaning system uses self-naturalizing chemicals that flush the dirt and dust from fibers making your carpets clean and fresh again.


Our professionals use carpet cleaning machines, chemicals, and shampoos that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and fast-drying.


But why use such professional carpet cleaning equipment? 


Obviously, for purely professional results!


Thus, we achieve complete stain and dirt removal from the carpet. And, all without damaging the property!



Carpet Cleaning Service in Nepal

Carpet Cleaning

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned, P.s(We are the best carpet cleaning services in Kathmandu)

According to an international report, Kathmandu is one of the world’s most polluted cities. Even residents of Kathmandu Valley refer to the city as ‘Dhulomandu.’

Everyday people are affected by dust particles entering their homes. These dust particles accumulate in carpets via air and physical means.

Dust particles accumulated in carpets are harmful to the family’s health.

Dust mites, cockroaches, carpet beetles, and other pests that can lead to diseases like asthma and dust allergies as well as help spread communicable diseases can all be found in a dirty carpet.

As a result, carpet cleaning is the most important thing for Kathmandu valley residents to do in order to live a healthy life.

Here, we offer professional carpet cleaning services in Kathmandu to keep your home dust-free, and we are also one of the best service provider of carpet cleaning in Kathmandu.

Cleaning the carpet is a necessary home activity.

Regular carpet cleaning not only increases the lifespan of your carpets but also enhances indoor air quality by removing potentially dangerous allergens.

A variety of carpet cleaning services in Kathmandu from Facility Cleaning Services are available to suit your needs.

Your carpets will once again look and smell brand new thanks to the modern tools and techniques used by their trained and experienced professionals.

Get a free estimate by contacting Facility Cleaning Services right away! and book a carpet cleaning in Kathmandu.

  • Extends the life of your carpet

A well-maintained carpet can last up to 15 years. If you do not clean your carpet on a regular basis, it will not  last as long as it could.

  • Improves air quality

The odors from your dirty carpet are kicked up into the air in your office or home.

As a result, hiring a carpet cleaning services on a regular basis will ensure that your employees and customers aren’t walking around in a cloud of allergens.

  • Protects your health

Dangerous germs and viruses can survive on an unclean carpet for more than a month.

As a result, clean your carpets on a regular basis to avoid getting stomach flu or other diseases.

  • It safeguards your investment.

If you need to replace your carpet, you won’t be able to fit it into your maintenance budget.

Follow a consistent carpet cleaning schedule to protect your flooring investment.

  • Improves the room’s appearance

Clean and well-maintained carpets give your business and home a professional appearance.

Is it time to clean the carpets in your office or home? Please contact us right away.


How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

The maintenance of every delicate item depends on how frequently you use it.

It is the same for your carpet. If it is at a place where there is less foot traffic, we suggest you vacuum it once a week.

You can book a professional carpet cleaning services once a year in such cases.


For medium soil and medium traffic area, we advise you to vacuum the carpet at least twice a week.


Similarly, if you spot heavy soil and heavy traffic area, it is best to vacuum it 3-5 times a week. In such cases, we suggest booking our service every three months.


Now, there are some factors that can affect the cleaning cycles.

Therefore, before deciding on it, take these into account – if you have pets, allergies to dust, if anyone smokes in the household, or where the heavy foot traffic areas are.


What else should you understand about carpet cleaning services?

It is necessary to clean the carpet on a regular basis and to ensure that it is dirt-free.
Here are a few tips to keep your carpet looking new and fresh:

1. Vacuum the carpet at least once a week to prevent dry soils from turning to mud during the cleaning process.

2. We recommend using doormats to keep mud off your boots.

3. Clean the carpet as soon as stains appear. If the stains penetrate the carpet, they will be difficult to remove.

4. If your furniture is too heavy to move, place aluminum foil under the legs to prevent rust and stains from painting.

Here is Procedure for Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Kathmandu.

  1. Pre-Inspection
    We will examine the area where your carpet is laid and assess any potential concerns because there are several carpet-related issues.
  2. Dry and Wet Vacuum
    A dry vacuum is used to remove liquids and dry dirt from the various areas of the carpet since it contains bacteria, solid soil, and other filth.
  3. Chemical Inspection
    We use chemical solutions to achieve increased cleanliness. A suitable chemical is chosen to ensure the carpet’s quality. To keep the carpet in good condition and clean, the proper chemical is applied.
  4. Getting Chemical Ready
    The chosen chemical is now ready for the next step in the procedure.
  5. Pre-Spot
    There could be a variety of difficult-to-remove stains that are handled using the right chemical treatments.
  6. Pre-Scrubbing
    Additionally, this removes any remaining dangerous bacteria and tiny insects from the carpet.
  7. Extracting and rinsing the soil
    Through the soil extraction and rinsing processes, sticky residue that is present inside the carpet is removed.
  8. Post-Spot
    Chemicals are used to clear longer-lasting stains to their maximum effectiveness without degrading the carpet’s condition.
  9. Post-Scrubbing
    Scrubbing is done post-cleaning to speed up the drying process and improve the appearance of the carpet.
  10. Drying
    The damp carpet is dried up to about 80% after all cleaning treatments.
  11. Post-Inspection
    Before departure, a last examination is conducted. The professional protection we use after cleaning will help your carpet and other furnishings withstand dust and filth.

Regarding your health, don’t worry; we are here to take care of you. The equipment and chemicals we use are                secure for people, animals, and the environment.

Your chair, sofa, and carpet will last longer thanks to the protector, and there won’t be any unpleasant odors.

Call us if you need any kind of carpet maintenance or carpet cleaning services in Kathmandu.

We can take care of it by providing commercial cleaning and maintenance services that keep your carpet clean and hygienic.

Our skilled cleaning professionals are always available to provide a thorough carpet cleaning in Kathmandu.

This is how we do carpet cleaning in Kathmandu.

Why Choose Facility Services for Carpet Cleaning in Kathmandu?

  • Professional and experienced carpet cleaning in Kathmandu
  • Advanced, deep cleaning system and process
  • Improved carpet protection
  • Well trained experts capable of handling any type of fabric
  • Friendly and reliable team of staff that ensure maximum satisfaction
  • Advice on further carpet maintenance


We are a pioneer in cleaning services in Kathmandu and have been in the business for over a decade now. Leave it to us to take care of delicate items.

We make sure to remove all dirt and stains from the fabric and have new ways to clean any sofa, chair, or carpet.


Moreover, we use a stain guard to ensure your carpet is safe from future stains.


Carpet Cleaning Machine

Carpet Cleaning Machine


The technology and equipment we use for carpet protection ensure the durability of your carpet.

Our cleaning techniques extract warm water from the carpet to dry the carpet quickly.

On top of that, we are very careful about any health hazards due to chemicals being used.

Therefore, we only use chemicals that are safe for any individual, pets, and the atmosphere.

These chemicals have only one job – clean and prolong your carpet’s lifespan.

Make a call right now to know more about services. We provide affordable pricing plans for one-time or recurring carpet cleaning services.

Why Choose Facility Service for carpet cleaning services?

  • Professional and experienced Carpet Cleaning in Kathmandu
  • Modern cleaning and repairing methods for carpet cleaning Kathmandu
  • Faster carpet cleaning services with no hassle in work
  • Friendly and reliable team of staff that ensure maximum satisfaction
  • Advice on further maintenance
  • We are one of the pioneers in carpet cleaning services based in Nepal
  • Over 11 years of experience in this Industry
  • Trusted by 1000+ customers and clients
  • Highly trained and skilled workers
  • Best Carpet Cleaning Service provider in Kathmandu
  • Safest Carpet Cleaning Service provide in Kathmandu
  • Affordable Pricing for your Plans
  • Certified carpet cleaning machine and technology users in Nepal



This is the video of our staff doing carpet cleaning Kathmandu.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) about carpet cleaning in Kathmandu

How long will the drying process take?
Depending on the weather outside, your carpet will dry in two to three hours.

How soon can my carpet be cleaned?
Cleaning a room will typically take 1-2 hours, depending on the area.

Can you clean wine, tea, coffee, etc.?
Although some stains are irremovable, we can nevertheless achieve better outcomes.

Can pet urine and odors be eliminated?
Yes, both odors and pee can be eliminated with professional chemicals.

What should I do with the room’s furniture?
We will gladly take care of the furniture placement, so you don’t have to worry about it.

When the carpet has been cleaned, may I walk on it?
Until 1-2 hours, yes, but with very little traffic.

Do you only provide carpet cleaning in Kathmandu valley?
Yes, we only provide our carpet cleaning in Kathmandu valley.

We provide cleaning service services and other services to protect your valuable floor coverings. We believe in providing professional carpet cleaning services to protect your investment and ensure that it looks and feels great.

We offer the best carpet cleaning in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara.

We have professional carpet cleaners and equipment that will extract dirt, clean the carpet, and restore its luster.

Our carpet cleaning professionals in Nepal are highly trained and experienced for carpet cleaning services in Kathmandu and carpet cleaning in Kathmandu.

We don’t just leave your carpet clean; we also give you advice on how to keep it that way. We offer advice on how to keep your carpet looking great and extending its life.

Other agents may not provide you with this specialized service.

We offer carpet cleaning services in Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Pokhara.

This is how we do Carpet cleaning in Kathmandu.

If you want to book our services please call us at 01-4791239 or +9779851001728 or you can also message us on our Facebook page for carpet cleaning in Kathmandu.



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