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Disinfectant Spray Service in Kathmandu

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Disinfectant Spray Service in Kathmandu

We Facility Service are the pioneer and a professional provider of disinfectant spray service in Kathmandu.  We use the best chemicals and services to eliminate any viruses, funguses, and germs in houses, shopping malls, hospitals, or any public areas. We have been one of the pioneers in providing these services.

Why should we spray and disinfect public areas frequently and what’s the use of it?

It’s a common answer as we all know nowadays the pandemic of coronaviruses and other diseases are spreading massively.  This is by far the greatest problem that the world is facing right now. It is why it’s necessary to stay safe and secure knowing the virus gets eradicated by spraying disinfectant frequently in the most common areas of your house, offices, or any other public areas that you visit the most.

Just like wearing a mask protects you from the virus disinfectant spraying protects you and your loved ones from getting the virus. So don’t neglect the power of doing disinfectant spray in the surrounding near to you.

How do we do it?

The process of spraying disinfectants or sanitizing the whole area is very crucial. The first step is to dilute the chemical and water in a very precise and measurable way and then the sprayer wears personal protective equipment (PPE) and then we spray it all over the infected areas and it gets disinfected. This is how we provide disinfectant spray service in Kathmandu.

Why Facility Service for disinfectant spray service in Kathmandu?

We Facility Service as a company have over 11 years of experience in this field and industry and we are among the best cleaning service in Kathmandu As we said we are one of the pioneer service providers of disinfectant spray service in Kathmandu.

We are also officially ISO 9001:2015 certified and government-licensed service providers in Kathmandu.

ISO Certified Rope Access Cleaning service

We only choose lab-tested and proven chemicals to spray over infected areas. So that it kills  99% of the viruses and germs in that area and has no side-effect on human health, because it’s necessary to oversee and make sure that our client stays safe no matter what.


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Our trained and qualified staff doing disinfectant spray service in Kathmandu.

How do I order a disinfectant spray service in Kathmandu?

To order or book our services we make sure you don’t get through so many hassles. So you can directly call us on    01-4791239,  9851001728, or you can also email us at and you can also leave a message down below.




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