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Why Hire Cleaning Services in Kathmandu

Why Hire Cleaning Services in Kathmandu

  • By admin
  • April 8, 2020

Cleaning services in Kathmandu are more of a necessity rather than a luxury, especially in the busy areas of the city. The hustling and bustling K-town needs a better and improved cleaning solution.

Just imagine the scenario where you are at work. You leave the office early in the morning and work keeps you busy. 

You reach home late, and what do you find?

Dust and mess everywhere!

It’s not an exaggeration but a sad truth that every household in Kathmandu faces every day. And, not just residences, it’s the same for offices and buildings.

You probably clean your surroundings every day or hire cleaner personnel to do the job. But what about the carpets, floor, sofa, hoarding boards, and windows of tall buildings?

We understand that you can’t clean those regularly. And. that is why you need to hire cleaning services in Kathmandu to provide a complete cleaning solution.

Types of Cleaning Services in Kathmandu

Hiring a cleaning company in Kathmandu has its own perks. With a cleaner, you can at least breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the cleaning part of your life is being handled.

Now, let’s look at some of the services that cleaning companies provide in Kathmandu.

Carpet Cleaning

Facility services carpet cleaning

The first thing you notice when you step inside a home or office is its interior. And any person would surely notice the carpet.

It’s pretty clear how important it is to clean your carpet. But, how often?

Dust and stains accumulate in your carpet over time, especially if its in a high traffic area. As a result, it might affect the fabric with irreparable damages.

So, you have to make sure that it remains clean to prolong its lifespan. If it is in a high traffic area, then we recommend you hire a professional carpet cleaning in Kathmandu to clean it every 3 months.

Otherwise, for a low foot traffic area, you can book a professional service once a year.

Our professionals use chemicals, modern equipment, and deep cleaning systems to deal with stains and dirt on your carpet. This avoids any damage to the property.

Sofa Cleaning

Facility services Sofa cleaning

Many tend to ignore or forget to clean their sofa and couch. As a matter of fact, it is the most used furniture at your home and office. Just think about it!

Don’t you owe it to the comfort that it gives you to clean it more often than you do?

A brand new feel and look of the sofa can be visually appealing for guests. For that cleaning companies use environment-friendly chemicals and equipment.

Let us explain why sofa cleaning in Kathmandu is essential. It is not just for aesthetic appeal but, also for sanitary reasons. If you have pets and kids, you will notice that they enjoy and play most often on the sofa.

The dust and stains on the sofa can cause allergic reactions or sickness. Also, there is a possibility of mites and other allergens on its surface.

Modern and improved cleaning methods are necessary to eliminate dust, dirt, stains, and allergens.

Couldn’t hurt hiring a cleaning company for that matter, could it?

House Cleaning Services

Facillity Services House cleaning

Firstly, a house cleaning service is a complete cleaning of your home or office premises. You probably clean your house every day. So, why do you need professional service?

At present, people are busy with work or handling other matters. Moreover, it is difficult to find time for cleanliness in such busy hours.

So, you can rely on a reputed cleaning service like Facility Services to do the job for you.

Besides, a faster and better cleaning solution can save a huge amount of your time. It saves your energy and keeps your allergies away. You will be able to relax and spend time with your family more.

Cleaning actually can be a time-consuming and tiring task. 

Why not skip it and let the professionals handle it once in a while?

And, the house cleaning services include mopping, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. So, you can focus on other works by choosing a reliable service.

Rope Access Services

Facility Services Rope Access

Afraid of heights? Well, thank god that you don’t have to do the cleaning for your building. Cleaning companies provide rope access services to reach and clean difficult destinations.

When it comes to cleaning hoarding boards and tall buildings, safety becomes a concern. Without proper tools and experience, it is next to impossible.

Hence, Rope access technology is in demand to solve the issue of the outward architecture of commercial buildings and communities. Also, it is due to fruitful results with lesser investment.

The technicians and staff members are well-trained and keep safety their first priority. Furthermore, portable and minimal tools save the involvement of huge manpower for the job.

Why Choose Facility Services for Professional Cleaning?

As pioneers of commercial and janitorial cleaning services in Kathmandu, Nepal, we have decades of experience in the field. Trust from thousands of clients inspires us to attain 100% satisfaction and guaranteed results.

Our staff believes that clean living and working space can contribute to healthy thoughts and positive growth. They are highly trained and provide the best care for our clients. We assure maximum quality through our process, chemicals, and equipment.

We provide all the services mentioned above. In addition, we also offer repairing, maintenance and car washing services. We understand the need for a superior cleaning service to you. And, that is exactly what we aim to deliver.

Some of the reasons to hire us are:

  • Professional and experienced cleaning services in Kathmandu
  • Modern cleaning methods for deep cleaning
  • Use of national and international brand chemicals and equipment
  • Trained and well-equipped manpower
  • Friendly and reliable team of staff that ensure maximum satisfaction
  • Reasonable price for our wide range of services
  • Flexible service as per your desire

We are aiming for a healthy and clean Nepal. All you need to do is make a call to know more about our services. You can book and hire us for one-time or recurring cleaning services conveniently.

We are a pioneer commercial and janitorial cleaning service provider in Nepal. We have decades of trust from thousands of clients in providing 100% quality services to glow your home, office and corporate premises. Clean living & working space means healthy thoughts and positive growth.


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