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Ways To Clean The Office

Ways To Clean The Office

  • By admin
  • August 30, 2021

When it comes to cleaning your home office, we’re sure you know that dusting and vacuuming are some of the most important areas. But did you know there are many other ways in which Facility Service can help keep your home office clean? Here are more ways you can use our services to clean your business. Here are ways to clean the office:-

  1. Clean your desk and computer keyboard
  2. Take out the trash
  3. Make sure the office is tidy, including all papers and mail on desks or in drawers
  4. Vacuum floors, mop if necessary, dust furniture
  5. Wipe down bathroom sinks with disinfectant wipes
  6. Put away any personal items that are lying around to keep it professional looking
These are some ways to clean the office.

I’m sure you’ve seen the countless benefits of having an organized home office, but did you know that it also reduces stress and increases productivity? Facility Maid Service provides expert advice on how to maintain a clean workspace so your employees can focus more.

Cleaning out your home office can be daunting, especially if you work from a desk for long periods of time and have been sneezing or coughing while in it. It is no wonder that the room quickly becomes covered with germs when we sit at our desks day after day doing more than just working; chewing, touching things, spilling – these are all habits to consider as well.

Dirty surfaces make you sick! According to the New York Times, one square inch of a typical workstation harbors 10 million bacteria. This is 100x more germs than your average kitchen table and 400x more bugs than on even toilet seats (which are cleaner!). So clean up that desk!

Did You Know? Dirty surfaces cause 60% of all illnesses. The average keyboard chair computer mouse harbor some 21000 germs per square inch A typical desk home to over 10 million bacteria which is an amazing amount considering how many people use it daily this number is 4000X greater compared with standard household items like toilets or sinks Gross dirty desks might just be making us really ill so let’s get cleaning.

So before you go ahead and start to clean the office make sure you put on that rubber gloves, grab your cleaning supplies and follow our guidelines below Ways To Clean The Office

First off we are going to start with what not to do Ways To Clean The Office

Cleaning Your Desk: Ways To Clean The Office

How often should I dust my desk? Ways To Clean The Office

You should be dusting your desk at least once or twice a week Ways To Clean The Office

For hard surfaces/flat surfaces we recommend using something like a damp microfiber cloth (although don’t use too much)

A clean office is a productive and healthy one

It’s given us an unfair advantage over other organisms on this planet! How can we have so much control and power when we dwell in such filth? At least give us microbes their due credit as co-inhabitants.  However, it is true that most bacteria live in close vicinity the clutter and mess from our busy lives need to be organized and cleaned.

  1. Residue

Utilize a clammy microfiber fabric to wipe down all surfaces. Eliminate your papers, document envelopes, schedules, stapler, and different articles so you can wipe down your work area. Try not to disregard regions like plug extensions behind your work area, fan sharp edges, window ledges, the highest point of your screen, or the highest points of photo placements.

2. Vacuum.

Worktop to base. You should shift back and forth between the upholstery brush, thin connection, and floor covering connection to completely vacuum every single surface around your work area and in your office. Focus on the spaces you cleaned, and vacuum up any free residue the material didn’t catch.

3. Sanitize.

Sitting at our work areas, we do loads of contacting, making new miniature microscopic organisms states with every keystroke, mouse snap, and call. Sanitize that mouse and office telephone: the keypad, headset, mouthpiece, the entire thing.

4. Consistency.

Put an update on your schedule to clean and coordinate your work area week by week or fortnightly. A cleaning routine will make it simpler next time. Stunningly better, keep sanitizer wipes close to your work area so you can give everything a fast wipe-down between cleaning days.

Professional Office Cleaning Services

Your associates (or your family) will see the value in your coordinated work area, thus will your psyche! A coordinated work area diminishes interruptions and empowers usefulness. Why not give your home a similar consideration?

In the event that you need assistance outside of your office, look at these room-by-room cleaning tips. In the event that you’d prefer to invest energy working in your perfect office than cleaning the remainder of your home, Molly Maid can help. Our home cleaning administrations will give your home or loft the consideration it needs. Call us at +9779851001723, 01-4791239 or Request a FREE Estimate on the form below.

We are a pioneer commercial and janitorial cleaning service provider in Nepal. We have decades of trust from thousands of clients in providing 100% quality services to glow your home, office and corporate premises. Clean living & working space means healthy thoughts and positive growth.


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