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Rope Access Technology for Commercial Buildings

Rope Access Technology for Commercial Buildings

  • By admin
  • June 3, 2020

When there is any sort of talks related to working at heights in our field, it’s most definitely rope access technology. You may have noticed people using industrial ropes to clean tall buildings or billboards instead of platforms. In fact, people also work with industrial ropes while repairing metalwork on bridges or cleaning windows in commercial office buildings.

While it is quite effective for solving its concerned problems easily, timely, and accurately, it can be quite dangerous. So, forget about giving it a try if you have no prior training or experience.

Yes! It involves certain training and practice. Moreover, it isn’t a job for people with acrophobia – fear of heights.

What is Rope Access Technology?

It is one of the most important technologies to solve the problem related to outward high towers of large commercial buildings. Furthermore, it is the best solution for obtaining fruitful results with less investment.

Rope access technology makes it possible to provide services like window cleaning, painting, changing billboards, and repairing at high altitudes. Basically, this technology reduces the chances of death or injury significantly. However, it is important that the rope access technicians are specially trained and qualified for the task.

Why do Technicians Require Training and Qualification?

Let’s face it! This job is not for everyone as it requires some level of skills and training. There is always a risk attached to such jobs no matter how safe they are.

Companies providing rope access technology need to ensure proper training of the technicians. After all, safety and quality should be the priorities here. Moreover, it will add to a new experience.

There are certain tools involved and operating at higher altitudes while basically hanging on a rope can be quite challenging. So, technicians should be aware of the technology and tools used. Similarly, training and practice boost up professionalism in the staff.

With safety measures, rope access can prove to be a quick, easy, and cost-effective job.

Facility’s Rope Access Service

The advanced technology of rope access was first introduced in Nepal by Facility Service Pvt Ltd. That adds to its trust, value, and experience. The company strongly believes in professionalism and delivering exactly what is expected of them.

Facility Services has been successfully providing this technology with proper safety measures and international brand equipment. Moreover, it ensures the staff’s accident insurance and technical training for equipped manpower.

Available Rope Access Services

  • Professional rope access in Kathmandu with years of experience
  • Modern cleaning and repairing methods
  • Improved safety with a harness and other industry-standard equipment
  • Faster rope access solution
  • Friendly and reliable team of staff 
  • Advice on further maintenance and maximum satisfaction

The amazing thing about this technology is that it doesn’t require too much of your space. All that comes in use are some tools like rope and small attachment hardware.

Portable tools and fewer manpower requirements – what can be better than this?

Looking For An Experienced Rope Access Company?

As mentioned earlier, Facility Services has years of experience being the first company in Nepal to introduce this technology. Till today, it has gained several reputed clients.

For more information, go through its rope access services and get in touch with the company. You will also get affordable pricing plans for a one-time or recurring rope access solution in Kathmandu.

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