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How to Clean Your House Fast- Tips and Tricks!

How to Clean Your House Fast- Tips and Tricks!

  • By admin
  • April 19, 2021

Hardly anyone likes cleaning these days. Modern people prefer to go shopping or take a photography or pottery workshop rather than cleaning their houses. It is easy to find a more attractive plan although this does not mean that we like having a dirty house or wrinkled clothes. Order and cleanliness are still a priority, although not the time we want to dedicate to housework. If you like to know how to clean your house fast read below.

It seems difficult to find a solution to this problem to keep our house clean and tidy. But there are ways to do it. The first thing is that they also participate in daily routines, the second, organizing a routine to clean the house.

More order in less time

Where to start when we have never done it? Cleaning a home is like any other task that requires a certain order and specific guidelines. At least if you want to achieve an efficient cleaning in a short time. That is why we help you with a clear and concise sequence that will help you organize.

Collaboration with family members to clean your house fast

It is obvious advice but it must be noted because the idea is to think of house cleaning as a collective work among the people who live in the home. You can divide the tasks between everyone or ask that they do not mess up what you have ordered. Each family is organized differently, the important thing is not to believe that the woman is the one who should clean the home alone. This is also an effective way to clean your house fast.

Clean from largest to smallest

To clean your house thoroughly, start with the dirtiest areas like glass, bathrooms, or floors and then work on the smallest areas like dusting furniture or changing sheets. This will remove the most important dust first, then take care of the smallest dirt and prevent the furniture from getting dirty again with the dust that is raised when cleaning floors and glass.

Glass and floor cleaning

Outdoor window and glass cleaning services

To clean the glass you need a clean cloth, soap and water although you can use a glass cleaner. Wipe it across the glasses and then scoop up the soap with the cloth. Lastly, use a newspaper or a paper napkin to remove any marks and lint that may stick to the glass.

Before wiping the floors, the first thing is to sweep with precision, better if you do it with a vacuum cleaner, passing it through all the corners. To clean carpets in the house, the vacuum cleaner will be a necessary appliance. In the case of ceramic floors, mix a bucket with water and add a specific product for floors and mop. Let dry and repeat the operation so that there are no marks. If the floor is made of wood, remember to use a specific product for wood.

Dust cleaning

how to clean carpet at home?

To achieve a thorough cleaning of the house, use a quality cloth and wipe it over the furniture using a dusting product. If the furniture needs a layer of wax, apply it and then wipe it. Check the nooks and crannies and extract all the dust. In the case of the screens of televisions, computers, etc. Clean them with specific products that you can buy in electronics stores. It is an effective way to clean your house fast.

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen accumulates a lot of dirt. Check every inch and remove dust and grease with specific products for this purpose. Use an oven cleaner product and clean the dishes in the dishwasher if you have one or with a quality detergent. How to do it? Wet the dishes in the water, then remove the dirt with the scouring pad and finally clean with water.

Let dry on the dishwasher. Check that the sponge is clean before passing it through the dishes. Clean the inside of the microwave with a cloth and remove the food from the fridge that has been in it for several days. Throw away unused food scraps and take the trash to the bin. Apply these cleaning tricks so you don’t forget any corner.

Bathroom cleaning

This is the final point to your question of “how to clean your house fast?”. Congratulations you made it this far.

For the bathroom, you need a product with bleach or specific to eliminate bacteria. Pass it through the toilet using a brush, clean the table and the lid well. If you have a bidet, repeat the operation. Remember to also clean the bathtub with the same product and all the bathroom accessories such as the towel rail, the taps and the soap dish.


Facillity Services House cleaning

When you fast asked the question on how to clean your house fast, it seems like you are ready to jump into action Although it looks hard to clean the house just know that it’s possible to clean your house fast. After all this, you feel that it’s not possible for you because of many reasons like time and others. Feel free to call us and get professional help to clean your house and offices. And if you want to clean your house yourself and you don’t to where to get the mentioned products and chemical we Facility Services also supply with cleaning equipment as well.

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