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How to clean carpet at home?

How to clean carpet at home?

  • By admin
  • April 15, 2021

Here are 7 ways to clean carpet at home.

Carpets and rugs at Home have become almost essential, which also brings warmth and elegance to our spaces. However, it is very easy for these to get stained. It is not uncommon for remains of food, oil, wine, beer or everyday products that we use at lunch and dinner to fall on them. Also, if you have children or pets, it is clear that they are a source of dirt, because they love to play with them.

So that you can have the carpets in your house in perfect condition, today we will give you some tricks to clean carpets in a simple way and with products that you will surely have in your home. If you have ever wondered how to clean carpets at home, well this is how you do it.

Salt and baking soda to have the perfect carpet

This home remedy is perfect to keep your carpet in perfect condition throughout the year. This way you will avoid stains and bad smells. All you have to do is mix 50% baking soda and table salt. Spread this powder all over the carpet and let it work for an hour; then vacuum it all up. You will see how the smells disappear, the most superficial dirt is diluted and the aroma improves radically. This is also a way to clean carpet at home.

Sparkling water on wet spots

This natural remedy that we propose now works to remove wet spots, so you must act quickly when you observe the problem. You just have to pour sparkling water or a product like soda (the popular traditional homemade, tonic or ginger ale can work), and let it work for a while. After a few minutes without touching or rubbing, place absorbent kitchen paper and the carpet will be perfect.

Water and white vinegar

For stains on the carpet that are old or have dried, the perfect remedy is a solution of hot water with white vinegar. In this case, we must apply the mixture to the problem and rub it with a brush for a while. You can repeat the process one more time if you notice that the stain doesn’t come out all the way. Rinse with warm water and a cloth and wait for it to dry to see the final result.

Water and ammonia

Another good remedy that we propose to clean carpet at home is especially useful against mud stains. If you have children or dogs, they may get muddy on rainy days, so this trick is very effective. You have to mix one part of ammonia with three of water , help yourself with a brush and rub vigorously on the stain. Do it in a ventilated place since ammonia can be strong and affect the airways.


An especially effective home remedy against grease or oil stains. It is important that they are recent so that the effectiveness is total. To do this, you just have to sprinkle the cornstarch on the damaged area and let it absorb. Then, you can first vacuum up the excess and brush the area with a dry brush.

If you find it difficult to get this product, it can be substituted with baking soda or rice starch. It is important that you place a good amount of product.

Aqueous solution

This is a fantastic remedy to clean carpet home for washing small rugs and removing typical everyday stains and maybe a few others as long as they don’t take long. In a good-sized bucket, put half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, 4 tablespoons of soap for handwashing and as much white vinegar, a few drops of essential oil and twelve cups of very hot water. If you see that the carpet has a stain that seems more difficult, then put a little hydrogen peroxide on it as well.

We will leave the carpet to soak in the bucket with the water still hot for a long time. Afterwards, you wash it normally and you will see how it is completely clean, without stains and with a good aroma.


Finally we have a great remedy to clean carpet at home from complicated stains from carpets, such as wine. You just have to create a solution with a cup of hydrogen peroxide plus one tablespoon of detergent for dishes . It is poured on the focus of the problem and left to act for half an hour. Then we pass a wet brush and then a cloth over it. Wait for it to dry to see the results.


These are some few ways to clean carpet at home.

There are many homemade tricks to keep your carpet stain-free all year long. As you can see, products that everyone usually has at home are used, so you will avoid excessive spending of money. In addition, they are simple, short and very comfortable processes that anyone can do at home. Remember that if any of these tricks do not work, or if you have a very difficult stain, it is likely that you will have to resort to the help of a professional or specific product.

And if you want a professional help or any specific products, feel free to contact us or check out our carpet cleaning service. We are always ready to help out.

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